Gruposa has developed a network of buyers in the main fish markets and national ports: Galicia, Cantabria, Basque Country, Catalonia, Valencia, Murcia, Andalusia and the Canary Islands, as well as in Portugal and Morocco, ensuring access to the best products and captures of our seas. So, in a few hours you have our products available to your customers.

  • An important volume of products is also imported, which has justified the wide network of suppliers whose provide us with the best fish and seafood from the oceans and seas worldwide.
  • The high quality control in origin and in each of the stages through the distribution process, guarantees at all times the quality, freshness and traceability of each of thethe batches of different species. In compliance with all European standards of health standards and the HACCP ensures the maintenance of the cold chain from ships or the fish market to the final customer.
  • Having direct access to the fishermen and importers, eliminating links within the supply chain, makes that they can provide to its customers the best price available at all times, despite the variations that normally suffers some products from the market due to their natural season.
  • Its exclusive orders, and computer system adapts perfectly to the changing needs of its clients, which do not require to manage an inventory of products in their cold stores, with the consequent risk in quality and loss of freshness and the best use of current assets.
  • Each client of Gruposa has an assigned Manager serving order in schedules required by the chefs and delivery at his installations (100% as requested) according to reception schedules stipulated previously.
  • Its specially designed computer system, allows them to carry a complete follow-up and monitoring of the products from the fish market or importers, the entry and exit of its facilities, transport and the final delivery to their customers.
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